December 27th, 2013

Today our students came to school for a Christmas feast.  Our family in Haiti worked with our cooks to prepare an outstanding meal!  The kids came dressed in their very best with bows, fancy dresses and collared shirts!  The school was decked out with decorations everywhere.  Balloons and streamers covered the halls.  The celebrations started with a prayer, followed by Menahem Janvier speaking about Destined For Grace and the history of Santa Clause.  The students then performed a Christmas skit and the Principal shared about the school and how proud he is of the students.  It concluded with everyone eating together and enjoying a meal followed by gifts from Santa given to all of the children.

Mena sent a note that the students asked him to pass along.  Here is what it said…

“The kids want me to tell you thank you for everything; for all the toys, books, food and music.  When the kids graduate from the school, they will still do what they can for the school of Destined For Grace.  They will never forget everything you have done for them.”

Thank you to everyone who helped make this year possible for Destined For Grace.  Many blessings to you and a happy New Year.