Fence! June 3rd, 2016

Destined For Grace would like to extend a huge thank you to All Saints-By-The-Sea Episcopal Church Outreach Committee for approving a grant to build a fence around our school property.  This fence was requested by our teachers and staff in Haiti to keep the students...

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Mission Accomplished! January 21st, 2016

Seven years ago, we decided to build a school in Haiti. Today we have 210 students attending our brand new school on our land in Haiti! Mission accomplished. Thank you for supporting Destined for Grace and for contributing to our project. We appreciate your support!...

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Ground Breaking!  August 20, 2015

We are beyond excited to announce that Destined For Grace has begun building on our land in Haiti!  The new school will be the permanent home for Ecole Destined For Grace.  This has been our vision from the start and we are thrilled that it is becoming a reality....

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Flag Day

May 22nd, 2014 Our students celebrated Flag Day in Haiti this past Sunday. Flag Day is a widely celebrated holiday in Haiti similar to our 4th of July. Our students arrived in their uniforms to our school on Sunday morning. They were bused to church a few miles away...

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Christmas Party

December 27th, 2013 Today our students came to school for a Christmas feast.  Our family in Haiti worked with our cooks to prepare an outstanding meal!  The kids came dressed in their very best with bows, fancy dresses and collared shirts!  The school was decked out...

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